Hello there! I’m Francis.

I am a professional photographer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, specialising in interior and architectural photography with over 10 years of experience.

Starting my career as a real estate photographer with a graphic design background, the composition of the final product plays a significant role in my work. The visuals and the marketing usability are equally important, as I communicate and understand the purpose with my clients. In spite of the intention of the photo shoot, either promoting the property or documenting the project, I always work with the principle of design and functionality, to showcase the best perspective of the architectural space.

Being a perfectionist, my work also focuses on details and consistency, which often comes from hands-on staging preparation and special lighting technique. My expertise is to utilize the existing lighting in conjunction with artificial lights to create picture-perfect imagery from the imperfect reality.

This is my photography journey and I enjoy every part of it. Wanna collaborate? Let’s talk!